Profile Identification Made Easy and Quick


all you need is a picture

Up to 5 match results in less than 3 seconds, whether aluminum, steel, plastic or rubber.

deepProfile is the solution for profile identification in manufacturing plants, production coating areas, construction sites or in finished construction, which usually cannot be be identified quickly and reliably.


deepProfile is based on the processing of image data using a neural network based on Skel Net and Deep Hash technologies. By using this combination, deepProfile can deliver highly accurate and fast results.


deepProfile's versatility

The simplicity of deepProfile is one of its strengths. This makes it applicable to all areas where profiles are found, such as manufacturing, trading, powder coating, etc. It will become a necessary tool for manufacturers, fabricators, coaters, workers in construction sites and engineers as a solution for profile identification.

Project partners

Hillebrand Coating relies on the DeepProfile app for quality assurance. After the coating process, the various profiles are compared with the order in the ERP via the app. Precise and always up-to-date.

Müller TB Technologies uses the core of DeepProfile to guarantee the added value of additional process stability and quality of the end product for its profile machines. Profile recognition simple and intelligent.

about us


deepProfile is based on an innovative and unique technology for profile identification. It was developed by the cooperation of the Swiss company e. Luterbach AG and CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology).


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deepProfile c/o e. Luterbach AG

Mülacher 10, 6024 Hildisrieden