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Essential Tool to Save Time and Money


With the deepProfile app, manufacturers can monitor the process and check if everything is in order. deepProfile is not only an ally for quality assurance, but also very useful for order control. With the app conveniently located on your smartphone, control is fast and safe and errors are avoided.


With deepProfile app, dealers can check if they already have in stock a profile similar to the one they need. In this way, they can avoid the request of unnecessary production or customize the design of your customers to the models they already have. deepProfile is also very useful for the customers who can choose the dealer according to their product search.

customized solutions

Companies' data is stored in Private Clouds and the deepProfile team provides support. There is the possibility to share customer profile data on a Public Cloud in order to extend the marketability of companies. deepProfile allows business or private customers to search dealer or manufacturer catalogs using deepProfile and indicate where this profile can be sourced or if there are very similar profiles already on the market.

powder coating

In the field of powder coating, it is often problematic to identify workpieces by routing slips or mechanical markings. However, with the use of deepProfile, identification of profiles is possible without additional marking and the app is very useful in process monitoring.

and much more...

deepProfile is not bound to profile material, which is why it can be used in many industries. Moreover, thanks to its underlying machine learning algorithms, it can "learn" any type of profile and add it to the server.